Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Windows Phone SDK7.1 on windows 7 sp1- compatibility issue

hi All,

Since I am back to work and hence trying to explore all new. for the same I wanted to explore Windows Phone, hence I saved the vm_web2.exe on hard disk and was trying to install.

every time I was getting error - compatibility error goto http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=143397.

I tried -

  1. Unsitall Visual studio 2010 professional.
  2. right click on vm_web.exe, properties ->CompatibilityTab.
  3. played with regirtry Entries
Nothing worked, finally I landed to download page again and instead of saving to hard disk , I installed from there and every thing is working fine.

what a fix :d

Save your time and try this as well.

new SPSITE("") error - could find web application at URL

hi All,

I am back Almost after a year :)
When creating console application for sharepoint , today again I got good old error saying could not find the web application. recalled all the thread and now noting down the solution -

Project properties -> target .net framework should be 3.5
and Target  CPU must be "Any" from "Build Tab".

Enjoy coding :)