Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Left navigation, quick launch, V4.master,create web Page and Team lists

Hi all,
Back to work after 15 days of break :) and below are my recent findings -
There are two ways to create page using UI ->
  • _layouts/spcf.aspx 
  •  siteActions->new web page.
by default the second option (site Actions->new web page) gives you left navigation whereas the first one just gives place holder for content.
So in second one user can get left navigation and quick launch, where as if you start with first approach to get left nav you might be prompted to create subsite, which is wrong. Most of the time people create subsite just to get navigation correctly.
Ideally to get Navigation ->
Site Actions->Site settings->Navigation.
here user will see two options
  • Global Navigation - Ideally the top navigation
  • Current Navigation - Left Navigation
User can create new page and then add them to any navigation area using Add heading and Add links.

In the same excersie I wanted to have link list, team discussion when using Publishing Template for portal,on first glance I didn't find it,
Activate site features 'Team Collaboration Lists' and you will get the all and new type of lists.

so I got required UI without coding and without creating any subsite :)
Try it.

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