Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Windows 8 - Series 1 (XAML)

Recently I got chance to explore windows8 , windows phone etc. and I felt creating App for windows8 will involve good learning from developer perspective. reasons -
The thought process about UI has to change, its not conventional UI , navigation being changed drastically.
The javascript involves good syntax learning and API learning.
only XAML remains closely same, not exactly same.
The better way to rephrase above is -
XAML UI developers are Metro style app developers
Existing XAML assets and knowledge carry forward
XAML and C++, like peanut butter and chocolate
And Also I figureed out some differences between silverlight and Metro App as well -
Silverlight Application
Silverlight depends on browser to provide networking code
Silverlight sends navigation command to browser..
Silverlight is supported OOB in SharePoint.
Silverlight needs browser to host application and application interacts with browser first.
Navigation is done through XAML pages
Metro App
WinRTrelies on underline system service to provide networking code
WinRTmanages navigation through system commands
SharePoint including HTML5 is supported only on latest browser.
Metro App directly runs on WinRT.
Navigation is done through type, x:Class.
XAML for Windows Runtime currently doesn't support custom markup extensions.
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