Friday, December 18, 2009

Business Attraction for sps2010 / SharePoint 2010

Sorry for not being able to post for a long time. In this Post I will try to describe some of new functionalities  which can be described as selling point for the business.

  • Claim Based Authentication -  Authentication can be done against - Active Directory, LDAP,application specefic database,user centric model like LiveID.It is based on 'GENEVA' technology, which it self is comibination of Geneva Server, geneva CardSpace and Geneva FrameWork. In one line - Identity is kept in token, token cotains one or more information about user.
  • BCS - Business Connectivity Services- New generation BDC, open scope for external list though which data can be inserted into LOB system.
  • High Availability-
  • FAST Search [Need extra licensing]-As of now fast search has been integrated as it is in the product.
  • Remote Blob Storage- It is possible to have BLOB  and customised pages in the database stored in out side database such as file system.
  • Performance Control [thorttling]- Two options avaiable
        a. Performance throtlling - Provides a way to administrator where he can define the threshhold values for the server.
        b. list control - provides a way to limit the number of rows returned by a list. Alhtough the maximum number of items has increased upto 50 million items.
  • Backup and Restore- list level backup is possible though UI.
  • SharePoint Online and Multi tanancy- Service architecture gives support for better design in case of SharePoint online. the tenants are managed by subscriotion ID, and each tenatnt can subscribe to its needed service.
  • WorkOffline - workspace2010- Gives support for to bussiness user to work offline to sharepoint Libraries, where he becomes online, the library gets synchronised.
We will talk about more from dev's perspective in next post :)

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