Friday, December 18, 2009

Developer's Attraction for Sharepoint 2010

In previous post I tried to expalain some of the new terms with respect to SharePoint 2010, which business is asking since last version. This post is devoted to developers with same vision in mind.

  • Windows PowerShell Administration : This is really powerfull tool which is there to replace stsadm. stsadm is there to maintain backward compatibiltiy but goign forward cmdlet will rule the sharepoint world. These are command line option which can take result of previous command and can produce objects. This eventually helps is getting small items in working just in few line without wirtting console application for the same, like getting webID. they even can be used in back up restore with vast improvements in performance.
  •  Visual Studo2010 : Lets user to do F5 for sharepoint project, allows user to create visual webpart,  deploy the solution over sandbox, lets developer to create BCS project, content Type and list schema etc.
  • LINQ to SharePoint - This is news to developers...let's learn LINQ, this is new coding style.
  • ClientObject Model - Marvoul point, the team introduced Object Model for javascript,Silverlight and managed code. dev can use the dlls like Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client.Silverlight to work at client side. [will post some how'to very soon]
  • SharePoint Designer2010: allows developer to create new list, new Fom, new content Type and many activties from Designer interface.
 Keep watching for some how to's

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