Thursday, March 11, 2010 Integration with SharePoint 2010


from Couple of days I was trying to integrate application into SPS 2010. The integration was simple, but the glitch was the files were written in asp style, those pages were written in early days of .net. So I did we appraoch to this problem, below are some technical points in this direction -

Some how we need the old story , .aspx pages and corresponding dll deployed to bin or GAC.

For this simple requirement, we created new project of type 'web application' [this ensures out put as dll], deployed it to bin and added entry in <safe control> in web.config. [I was getting can not load type as not registred as safe, after struggling with this stupid error, I created simple console application, used reflection and cheked out what are the classes in this namespace, once done, the code was running like anything]

now comes the tricky part, how to integrate the pages, I tried importing them to contentDB using SPD [nothing worked]
Then used features to deploy the pages and worked like charm :)
The integration done :)

Few more technical points in this journey -
  • Added each page within master page.
  • used ContentPlaceHolderMain for displaying the pages.
  • When integrating frame and iframe gave some problems.
  • controls were accessible using document.getElementById(), rather then document.formname.elementName.[even within window.opener]
  • Since the controls were simple html control need not to use &lt%=.ControlID%&gt
  • have to remove runat="server" from &ltForm&gt
Hope this will help you if you are trying something similar on these lines :)

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