Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Document Set, Knowledge Managment And MetaData


I was just going through knowledge management options with SPS 2010, I find some very basic steps to create a KM store within minutes [of course you should have taxonomy or atleast some thoughts in ready :) ]

Document Set and Meta Data service plays a important role in KM management. So let;s have a one liner of both of these -

Document Set -> Obvious from name documents can be grouped within one set, can be created from base content type 'Document set'.

Meta Data Service -> Another service given by SPS 2010, helps in adding meta data with documents. Since this is a service, term set defined in one service can be consumed by different web applications in different FARM altogether.

So below is the idea for KM in sps 2010 [The first step is optional, you can directly start from CA]-

  • Choose on source web app [from thsi web app you can easily modify content type]
  • Goto CA -> ManageService Application
  • Select the Manage ServiceApplication proxy. The UI will look like [Fig-1]

  • After creating term set, goto Site->Site Settings->Galleries -> Site Content Type
  • Create New contet type with base type as 'DocumentSet'.
  • Goto Document Library, from advanced settings, enable content type.
  • Now come to document upload of Document Library, you will see 'DocumentSet' right there !!.

In part 2 we will see KM from these information.

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