Monday, January 24, 2011

MIgration to Azure - Part 1

Hi All,
I got chance to work on Azure very recently, and the work of course was related to migration. Keeping it short I will try to explain the problems and challenges I faced in this process –

Getting Startup, reading material and understanding –

• VS 2010 gives option for creating cloud app. Two things to mention for new bee –

• Worker role and Web Role [Web role is nothing but your application]

• The Azure project has webrole.cs which is responsible for executing the application.

• Start keeping break points from application_Start [that will give clear understanding of flow]

After first Hello world and understanding the flow, now comes how migration should go , most common scenario is to have SQl Azure as well [a separate license]

Open, click SQL Azure create your DB with help of script. There are no wizards till now.

• Once DB created, it is better to create simple application to access database programmatically. Few things here –

• To Access DB programmatically in your SQL Azure DB, click the Tab “Firewall Settings” and add Ip of your computer, so Azure will bypass that.

Also install Microsoft Firewall Client [I do not know exactly why this is needed but this happened in my case]

I am not providing any code snippet for the same as material is very easily and widely available on net.

Now it is time for real work  Post-2

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