Monday, January 24, 2011

Migration to Azure - Part2 -real Work, some thoughts

Here comes the the problems you are goign to face in Azure [if you are
conventoanl programmer]

  1.  Authentication especially if it is active directory
    based. As the netowrk is internet
  2.  DB connetion which is simple string pointing to Sql Azure
    DB, the User name will be, 'username @DBName'. For eaxample
    connection string in my case was  ";Database=PTS;User
    The question here is why do we need SQL azure when Windows azure is proving
    tables - SQL Azure is providing RDBMS whereas Windows azure is not.
  3.  Session and Application variable :) Application variable
    as avaiable as it is, as this is application based. where is sessions are not
    availabe OOB, they need some extra effort. Reason being if number of sessions
    are increased due ot scalibility you will never know from where it is being
    excuted. so the answer is to use SQL based session.

DB Connection is very basic and easilyt avaiable. for session you need to find
some alternate or user SQl based session. Below I am posting very basic
Helloword with ADFS authentication.

Below are the minimum items needed -

  1. One certificate which is uploaded on Windows Azure as well. .pfx file
  2. Location for ADFS2.0 server as this will provide your claims.
  3. Adding relying party on ADFS2.0 server, which means telling ADFS server "the
    request will come form this site, and provide claims for it"
  4. Within Application following changes are needed -
  5. Changes in Application_OnStart [Adding two events associated to Authentication]
  6. Adding Certificate [the same must be uploaded on azure]
  7. Adding ADFS server location reference, running FedUtil tool.

Next Post - Post3 Minimum Hello world with ADFS integration>


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