Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SharePoint / microsoft Online teamsite developers Problem

Got chance to work on SharePoint online Team site. Trying to summarize the first hand problems I faced -

  1. Correlation ID is of no use - as it is generated on server and server is not in your control.
  2. ULS viewer - no use, developer has no access to server.
  3. Cross Site publishing feature not available on team site also publishing feature depends on other features which needs web level scope.
  4.  Designer is a way to customize until developer is allowed to do so. (but at page level :))
  5. I couldn't find a simple way for backup and restore without shelling out money. [MSFT normally backup in 15 days and once your back up is restored your recent data is gone, go to 3rd party and shell out money]
  6. learn good javascript.
Will keep blog few more findings later.

keep coding!!

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