Friday, February 21, 2014

HTML 5 / CSS3 Questions and Answers

New and basic in HTML5 & CSS3


Lastly I was going through HTML5 and CSS3 and found few basic and good thing.

The thing which I was working for long, without knowing their official name and sometimes clear impact.

Trying to share the same with all  in question and Answer patter J


Think whole HTML page as word Document, use

Q : What is section, article and aside?

Ans: All three are new HTML5 tags created for keeping similar items grouped in more logical way.

can replaces overuse of

the same purpose as article inside section.

Q: What is orderd, unordered , definition list?

Ans: unordered
    , ordered
      , definition

Q: What is reset Style sheet?

Ans: It erases all the style applied to a page and give designer to apply his style from scratch.

Example :  in start of page write –


Without anystyle with them they are resetting page with 0 style.

Q: Some example of CSS selectors?

Ans: Id selector (getElementByID()), class selector, child selector, sibling selector etc.

Q: What is document Flow?

Ans:  It is a system by which renderer (like browser) renders pieces of visible content on screen so that they flow one after another in predictable way.

Q: What is CSS Box Model?

Ans: A simple rectangular box which makes visible box on screen, not only but many more things like text also makes css box model. Display : block or display : none is example. It can be defined as –

·         Content area

·         Border area

·         Padding area

·         Margin area

Q: What is @Media Query?

Ans : lets developer to specify device specific properties, so for table that section will render and for phone another, No more dependency on ‘useragent’ to find out the type of browser.

@media scree and (max-width: 520px)


//mention your phone style here


Q: What is anonymous function in JavaScript?

Ans : function who does not have assigned name and can be used as return from another function,as call back function, self invoking function.





Q: What is self-invoking function?

Ans: The function that are executed as soon as they defined.

Function ()



This is important from safety of global variable as they can be accessed and overridden by any function .

Q : What is web storage?

Ans : 2 types of web storage – sessionStorage and localStorage.

Keep upgrading !!

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