Saturday, August 2, 2014

On-Prem Data On office 365 Team site

lastly I was working on one of the common scenario with new release :) " Bringing On-Premise data to Office 365".

with all authentication problems and restriction in creating App, I was trying for OOB way. The options I had -

  • PowerBI - [No for my scene as real time was required, and this gives scheduling option latest for 1 day]
  • Excel Web Access - [ Still good , only problem was data refresh which was achieved through javascript EWA refresh]
  • Good Old JavaScript - [ The best but takes away data modeling from business user for future]

You know I am not considering Access App even as option why? there is no OOB way to sync On-Prem data. which effectively means once you created you web DB you will not get latest from On-Prem, why cause this web DB is nothing but Sql Azure DB, so no real application , until customer promise there will be no change in on-prem DB :(

So I am going ahead with EWA :(

Enjoy !!
- not always working in ideal world 

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