Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life - Short span

logged in after so many time. just to write some thoughts ..going in mind..just now lost a great-great friend / mentor forever "Bhavin" https://in.linkedin.com/in/bhavinraichura.
There are very few people you always adore, you always want to work with them. and I lost one such mentor / great vision today.
Many things coming and going in mind, including the always puzzling life and how it is short or big . who decides how much long or short life some one has. for some ppl life is never ending and for some it is cut short.
 Importantly the person who is gone is gone, I do not know what happened to him but I know what happened to rest, the heart goes with them. When a daughter misses his father , when a son misses his mother, when a child misses either of the parent and when parents are there to see their child going forever.
   I just have one request to life line maker, either give some good number on life line or do not give any. why so much pain? if you want to trouble us , there are different ways why do you take person forever, we can still be together , fighting and struggling, why to vanish. or if at all Vanish ..erase complete group together do not break into pieces. There is no need to make diseases or reasons, just tell us, your time is up.
You know god it is really difficult to bear all this, simply stop doing this!

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